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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment in Ocala & The Villages

Central Florida Pain Management also works with people addicted to prescription drugs. Addiction is defined as the use of a mood-altering substance, person, or activity that is pursued obsessively in spite of the negative consequences. Addictions are not related to the substances, the person, or the activity. They are related to the individual who becomes addicted. What are the characteristics of individuals who develop addictions?

  • There is a family of origin dysfunction.
  • There is a genetic component.
  • There is a disconnection of a spiritual component in life, that is, a connection with other human beings in relationships.
  • There is a constant search for nurturing and improvement of feelings that are numb.
  • They have developed a tolerance to the drug. Tolerance is the need to increase the amount of medication used based on the body adapting to the lower dose so that it becomes less effective as time goes by.

pain medication addiction treatment
Physical dependency is also a property of some substances, which results from tolerance. Physical dependency is a need for medication that over time has been used to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

When a person attempts to stop using the drug, they will most likely experience withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms are sweat, feelings of doom, anxiety, nervousness, hyperactivity, rapid heart beating, and high blood pressure.

The treatment for addictions that has been most successful, with a 40 to 60% success rate, is the twelve-step programs: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, etc. These programs are all based on a way of life dictated by the twelve-step program available through the work of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Psychotherapy alone has not been considered more than 10% successful for addictions. A combination of psychotherapy and the twelve-step programs brings the average to about 60%.