Cervical Steroid Injections in Ocala, FL & All Our Locations

The cervical area of the spine includes the first seven vertebrae from the base of the skull. Inflammation and disc damage in this area may cause chronic pain in the upper back and neck. At Central Florida Pain Management, we offer cervical steroid injections for residents of Ocala, The Villages, and the nearby communities in central Florida who have chronic pain that is connected to the nerves in the cervical portion of the spine.

What Are Cervical Steroid Injections?

Cervical steroid injections target nerves in the first seven vertebrae of the spine. Pressure from inflammation, herniated discs, and other conditions in the area produce a chronic pain in the neck or upper back. The steroids in the injections help to reduce inflammation and provide relief from your pain.

What Are the Benefits of Cervical Steroid Injections?

Cervical steroid injections are typically performed in conjunction with some type of primary treatment, such as physical therapy or orthopedic services. The injections reduce your chronic pain, so you can focus on healing your body and enjoy more of your favorite activities.

Are There Any Cervical Steroid Injections Side Effects?

Although rare, some cervical steroid injections side effects have been noted by clinicians who perform the treatment, such as:

  • Short-term headaches
  • Warmth at the site of the injection
  • Jitters and anxiety
  • Problems sleeping

These side effects are typically linked to the steroids that are used. If you have any known adverse effects to steroid medications, please discuss these with us during the consultation.

How Are Cervical Steroid Injections Performed?

Cervical steroid injections are made in the outer covering of the spine. Based upon your symptoms, we may target one nerve or a group of nerves. A local anesthesia is administered to help you feel at ease during the injections. The needle is carefully moved through the soft tissue to reach the nerve root and inflammation. As the steroid medication is injected, you may feel a slight pressure and stinging sensation for less than one minute.

What is the Cervical Steroid Injection Recovery Like?

We will monitor you in our office for 30 to 60 minutes and then release you to go home. Most patients notice an improvement in their pain symptoms right away, but the full effects can take up to one week.

What is the Prognosis After Cervical Steroid Injections?

Cervical steroid injections can provide long-term relief from chronic pain in the neck and upper back. If your symptoms return, we can perform the injections several times in the first year to provide you with long-term relief.

If you live in Ocala, The Villages, or nearby areas of central Florida and suffer from chronic pain in your upper back or neck, contact us to schedule a consultation with Melissa Alvarez-Perez, M.D.