Shingles Post Herpetic Pain Treatment in Ocala, FL & All Our Locations

Shingles and postherpetic neuralgia is caused by the varicella-zoster virus that is most often found in people with a history of chickenpox. At Central Florida Pain Management, we offer chronic pain treatments for residents of Ocala, The Villages, and nearby areas of central Florida who are experiencing the effects of shingles and postherpetic nerve pain.

What Are Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia?

Shingles and postherpetic nerve pain are the result of the varicella-zoster virus in the body. The virus affects individual nerves in the body, as well as the skin to which those nerves are attached. People with a history of chickenpox may have the dormant virus in their bodies, and postherpetic neuralgia describes damage to the nerves that results from the condition.

What Are the Benefits of Treatment for Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia?

Treatment for shingles reduces the discomfort of the condition and may minimize the onset of post shingles neuropathy, a type of permanent damage to the nerves.

Am I a Candidate for Treatment of Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia?

A weak immune system may allow the virus to come out of the dormant state and travel along the nerve to the hair follicle. The first sign of shingles is a skin sensitivity and burning sensation that indicates the virus emerging at the surface. Soon after, blisters filled with pus start to form on the skin, and these blisters eventually burst open, form a crust, and heal.

Although the process by which the varicella-zoster virus reawakens in the body is relatively straightforward, the individual experiences significant pain over the course of the emergence. Postherpetic neuralgia is a secondary chronic pain symptom of shingles in which the nerves are permanently damaged by the virus.

How Are Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia Treated?

At Central Florida Pain Management, we offer peripheral nerve blocks, sympathetic blocks, and stellate ganglion blocks for shingles and postherpetic pain treatment. These interventions help with the pain that is caused by the condition.

What is Recovery Like After Treatment for Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia?

After treatment for postherpetic neuralgia shingles, you may continue to experience skin blistering, but the pain is significantly reduced. The improvement may be gradual.

What is the Prognosis After Treatment of Shingles and Postherpetic Neuralgia?

While many people recover from shingles with no further complications or symptoms, about one-third of those affected by the condition do suffer some type of nerve damage that causes chronic pain. Our nerve blocks help to manage the pain so that it does not interfere with your daily life.

If you have shingles or postherpetic neuralgia and are interested in chronic pain management in Ocala, The Villages, and other areas of central Florida, learn more about the benefits of treatment at Central Florida Pain Management. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Melissa Alvarez-Perez, M.D.