Viscosupplementation in All Our Locations

Arthritis in the knee joint is a painful, debilitating condition, and many people are unable to enjoy their favorite activities without appropriate treatment. Central Florida Pain Management offers an advanced solution for residents of Ocala, The Villages and nearby areas of central Florida—viscosupplementation.

What is Viscosupplementation?

Viscosupplementation is a procedure that delivers lubricating substances into the knee joint. It is most often recommended for patients with osteoarthritis but may be used in other cases. The lubricants help the knee joint move more fluidly when the cartilage has been damaged.

What Are the Benefits of Viscosupplementation?

Cartilage is a connective tissue that provides cushioning where two bones meet to form a joint. Aging, injury, degenerative conditions, and other situations may cause you to lose some cartilage. Without the cartilage in place, the bones rub together and cause pain and stiffness. Viscosupplementation introduces substances into the joint that helps the bones move more freely and reduce chronic pain.

Am I a Candidate for Viscosupplementation?

If you have chronic pain or stiffness in your knee joint and have been diagnosed with a deterioration of cartilage, you may be a good candidate for viscosupplementation injections. The best way to know if this is the best intervention for your chronic pain is to schedule a consultation at Central Florida Pain Management.

How is Viscosupplementation Performed?

Viscosupplementation is performed via injection. We numb your knee prior to the injection to help you feel relaxed. A dose of hyaluronic acid or other lubricating fluid is loaded into a syringe and injected with a thin needle.

What is Recovery Like After Viscosupplementation?

No recovery is required after a viscosupplementation injection. You may notice some improvement immediately after the procedure. The lubricant gradually improves movement of the knee joint, and this helps to reduce any inflammation.

What is the Prognosis After Viscosupplementation?

Viscosupplementation is typically performed while you are receiving a primary therapy to help your chronic knee pain, such as physical therapy or prescription medications for pain and inflammation. Over time, you may not need these other therapies. Some patients do require more than one viscosupplementation injection.

Viscosupplementation helps reduce chronic pain in joints where you have less cartilage, such as the knees. The treatment takes only a few minutes. If you are looking for a viscosupplementation doctor near you, Central Florida Pain Management offers the treatment for residents of Ocala, The Villages, and surrounding areas of central Florida. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Melissa Alvarez-Perez, M.D.